3 Factors that can keep you away from your desired results from email marketing efforts ....

Inbox Deliverability Success

If your emails fail to reach your recipients' inboxes and end up in spam folders or get blocked by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), your email marketing efforts will be in vain. Poor inbox deliverability can limit your email's visibility, resulting in lower open rates, reduced engagement, and missed opportunities for conversions.

Timely and relevant messaging

Failing to deliver timely and relevant messages can lead to disengagement from your audience. Sending generic or outdated content can result in recipients losing interest and unsubscribing from your email list. Without timely and personalized messaging, you risk losing the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

Ability to personalise messaging

Knowing whom to send specific messages to is vital for delivering tailored content that resonates, leading to improved engagement and higher conversion rates. Personalization and segmentation together empower you to create more effective and impactful email marketing that cater to individual recipient preferences.

We are a good fit for you to optimise your email marketing if you are struggling with:


Growing Email List

Looking to grow your email subscriber base? Automated email marketing is essential, simplifying lead collection, nurturing, and conversion. Deliver timely and personalized messages to a larger audience with ease. Engage and convert like a pro!


Targeted Campaigns

Want to deliver personalized content to specific audience segments? Leverage automation and segmentation features for tailored messages that resonate with your specific recipients' preferences! Engage your audience like never before with personalized email campaigns.


Lead Nurturing Focus

Looking to nurture leads into customers? Automate workflows that deliver relevant content at crucial stages of the buyer's journey with the power of automated email marketing. Watch your conversions grow and build strong customer relationships!


Seasonal Campaigns

Ready to seize seasonal opportunities? Leverage automated email marketing for timely delivery of relevant content during your promotions or offers. Capitalize on limited-time opportunities and boost your seasonal campaigns with automation.


Customer Onboarding

Welcoming new customers with a seamless onboarding experience is crucial! Use automation to send personalized welcome emails and informative content. Make a lasting impression and ensure a smooth customer journey from the start.


Re-Engagement Efforts

Looking to re-engage inactive subscribers? Discover the power of automated re-engagement campaigns with personalized incentives. Win back their interest and rekindle meaningful connections. Revitalize your email list and boost engagement!

With our platform, until now, many other people like you have been successful in accomplishing...


Email lists built


Subscribers added


Tracking domains set


Emails verified


Email Campaigns Sent

We help you overcome some of these challenges you face in optimising your email marketing efforts

Challenges in using existing email marketing tools

Many other email marketing platforms offer automation and personalized messaging solutions. Some chllenges you may face in automated lead collection, nurturing, and conversion:

  • Steep Learning Curve: You might encounter a complex interface, making it challenging to set up automation workflows and navigate the platform effectively.
  • Higher Costs: You may find certain email marketing platforms with advanced automation capabilities to be expensive, especially if you're on a budget
  • Deliverability Issues: You could face deliverability challenges, with emails ending up in spam folders instead of reaching recipients' inboxes.

Challenges in using CRM solutions

Limited focus on email marketing in CRM systems and other marketing automation tools may hinder the optimization of email campaigns.

  • Limited Email Capabilities: You might face limitations in email marketing functionalities, as CRM systems and marketing automation tools may not prioritize email campaigns.
  • Inefficient Workflows: Managing email marketing through a non-specialized tool might result in less streamlined processes and reduced efficiency.
  • Personalization Constraints: Non-email-focused platforms may have limited personalization capabilities.

Challenges in handling email marketing manuualy

Manually managing email marketing processes can be time-consuming and error-prone, lacking the efficiency and personalization offered by automation.

  • Deliverability Challenges: Without professional email infrastructure, emails may face deliverability issues, ending up in spam folders.
  • Inefficient Segmentation: Manually segmenting leads may not yield precise targeting, leading to irrelevant content delivery.
  • Inconsistent Follow-ups: Manual tracking can lead to missed follow-ups, affecting lead nurturing and conversion rates.

Our solution is build with and is driven by these core features

Easy to learn

No steep learning curve involved that would delay you from getting started.

Pay and use

Stay subscribed and use as long as you need and come back after a break, when you want.


Your personal data and also your subscribers data is completely secured and never comprimised.


Access to DIY resources and a quick support ticket queries responses.

Cloud based

The software is based in cloud, so no need to download, install and configure any software.

Browser & Devices Agnostics

Seamless user experience across all major browsers and devices.

12 Parts functionalities of our solution

  • 1
    Workflow Automation:

    Effortlessly create and manage intricate email workflows for different stages of the buyer's journey.

  • 2
    Advanced Segmentation:

    Segment your email list based on demographics, behaviors, and interactions for personalized content delivery.

  • 3
    Drag & drop editor:

    Create professional-looking personalized newsletters and emails with templates & custom layout designs.

  • 4
    Behavioral Triggers:

    Set up triggers based on user actions, like email opens and link clicks, to automate responses.

  • 5
    Comprehensive Analytics:

    Access in-depth email campaign reports to measure performance and identify areas for improvement.

  • 6
    Deliverability Optimization:

    Ensure your emails reach recipients' inboxes with sender authentication and spam testing.

  • 7
    Email Validation:

    Maintain a clean and accurate email list, ensuring higher deliverability and engagement rates.

  • 8
    Drip Campaigns:

    Implement drip campaigns to nurture leads over time with relevant content.

  • 9
    Autoresponder Series:

    Set up automated responses to specific actions, such as sign-ups or downloads.

  • 10
    Lead Capture Forms:

    Create attractive forms, even with custom fields to collect specific lead data, to build your email list.

  • 11
    Sending domain:

    Set your SPF & DKIM to your email server configuration so are not seen as a spammer to email servers.

  • 12
    Tracking domain:

    Remove a risk of spam filters noticing link url being different than your url by using custom tracking domain.

A glimpse inside of our app


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Starter Plan
₹ 1,520
[$ 169 or ₹ 13,520 annually]

Suitable for an early startup or a side hustle project

  • 7,500 Email sending credits
  • 1,500 Subscribers
  • 5 Email lists
  • 5 Segments per list
  • 1,500 Email verifications
  • 5 Email campaigns
  • 5 Email automations
  • Connect your domain
  • Support response in 24 hours
Pro Plan
₹ 3,920
[$ 439 or₹ 35,120 annually]

Suitable for a serious startup business

  • 15,000 Email sending credits
  • 3,000 Subscribers
  • 15 Email lists
  • 10 Segments per list
  • 3,000 Email verifications
  • 10 Email campaigns
  • 10 Email automations
  • Connect your domain
  • Support response in 24 hours
Enterprises Plan
₹ 7,120
[$ 799 or ₹ 63,920 annually]

Suitable for an established and scaling up business

  • 75,000 Email sending credits
  • 15,000 Subscribers
  • 30 Email lists
  • 20 Segments per list
  • 15,000 Email verifications
  • 20 Email campaigns
  • 20 Email automations
  • Connect your domain
  • Priority support response


Email list building involves actively collecting and growing a database of email addresses from potential customers or subscribers. Email marketing, on the other hand, refers to the practice of using these collected email addresses to send targeted messages, promotions, or content to engage with the audience. The main difference lies in the purpose: email list building focuses on acquiring contacts, while email marketing focuses on engaging and nurturing those contacts.

Email list building and email marketing are relevant because they offer a direct and personal communication channel with potential customers. They allow businesses to reach their audience directly, tailor messages based on recipient preferences, and nurture leads t throughout the customer journey. This personalized and direct approach enhances engagement, builds brand loyalty, and increases the chances of conversions.

Yes, there are several creative ways to leverage email marketing and email lists. Some examples include creating personalized email campaigns based on customer behavior, segmenting email lists for targeted content delivery, using interactive elements like quizzes and polls, running exclusive email-only promotions, and sending personalized product recommendations based on customer preferences.

When using email marketing and email lists, it is crucial to ensure compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR or CAN-SPAM Act. Always obtain explicit consent from recipients before adding them to your email list, and provide easy options for unsubscribing. Additionally, regularly clean your email list to remove inactive or unengaged subscribers, and avoid sending excessive promotional content to prevent being marked as spam.

Inbox deliverability refers to the ability of your emails to successfully land in your recipients' primary inbox rather than being marked as spam or sent to other folders. It is crucial for email marketing because high deliverability ensures that your messages reach your intended audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement, conversions, and successful marketing campaigns.

Timely and relevant messaging refers to sending emails that are timely, up-to-date, and personalized to match the interests and preferences of the recipients. It is critical because it helps keep the audience engaged, prevents disinterest or unsubscribes, and ensures that your emails are valuable and resonate with the recipients, leading to better overall email marketing results.

Personalization and segmentation are essential in email marketing as they allow you to target specific groups of recipients with tailored content. By understanding individual preferences and behavior, you can deliver relevant messages that connect with the recipients, leading to higher engagement rates and increased chances of converting leads into customers.

Workflow automation enables you to create and manage complex email workflows, ensuring timely and relevant messages for different stages of your audience's buyer journey. It streamlines your email marketing efforts, saving time and effort.

Advanced segmentation allows you to divide your email list into distinct groups based on demographics, behaviors, and interactions. This ensures personalized content delivery, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

The Drag & Drop Editor simplifies email creation with customizable templates and layouts. It empowers you to design professional-looking personalized newsletters and emails without t the need for technical skills.

Behavioral triggers automatically respond to user actions, like email opens and link clicks, ensuring timely and personalized follow-ups. They enhance user engagement and encourage specific actions.

Comprehensive analytics provide in-depth reports on email campaign performance, allowing you to measure success and identify areas for improvement, leading to data-driven decision- making.

Deliverability optimization, including sender authentication and spam testing, ensures that your emails reach recipients' inboxes and avoid being marked as spam.

Email validation helps keep your email list clean and accurate by removing invalid or inactive email addresses, leading to better deliverability and engagement rates.

Drip campaigns are a series of automated emails sent to leads over time, providing them with relevant content and nurturing them through the buying process.

Autoresponder series automatically send pre-configured responses based on specific actions, such as sign-ups or downloads, ensuring immediate engagement with leads.

Lead capture forms enable you to create appealing forms to collect specific lead data, aiding in the growth of your email list and facilitating targeted campaigns.

A Sending Domain is your email server configuration that authenticates your emails, preventing them from being marked as spam by email servers, ensuring better deliverability.

Using a custom tracking domain avoids spam filters flagging links with different URLs, protecting your email reputation and ensuring better inbox placement for your emails.

Our 14-day free trial provides access to our solution, allowing you to test its capabilities. During the trial, you can experience its efficiency and effectiveness for your needs, with certain usage limits to ensure a seamless experience. This trial period empowers you to make an informed decision before committing to a paid plan.

Yes, you have the flexibility to stop using a paid plan and then re-access it after a gap. If you choose to pause or cancel your subscription, your data will be securely stored. When you decide to come back, you can easily re-activate your paid plan and continue using our solution seamlessly, with all your previous settings and data intact.

Yes, you can upgrade from a lower plan to a higher plan at any time, even in the middle of a month. When you upgrade, you will be charged pro-rata for the remaining days of the month based on the price difference between the two plans. This allows you to access the additional features and benefits of the higher plan immediately without waiting for the start of a new billing cycle.

Yes! Invoices are automatically created once you upgrade on the product or each month when your subscription renews automatically.

Certainly! Send us a message through ticket raising in HelpDesk and we will advice you on next steps.

Send us a message through ticket raising in HelpDesk and we will get back ASAP.

What industry gurus say about email marketing:


Talia Schettini
Digital Marketing Specialist at Solomoto

Email Marketing is a very cost-effective marketing strategy to engage with your audience, promote your brand and increase sales due to its extensive reach, good conversion rate and high return of investment. It is essential to create your own contact list instead of purchase lists where you don’t have permission to send emails and could get fined. Email lists evolve depending on the life cycle: subscriber, lead and customer.


Nicolle Cruz
Content Specialist at White Glove

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways that digital marketing offers to establish a two-way communication with your audience or customers. Marketers must understand that email campaigns are not about clicks and open rates but about creating an open relationship with your target.


Nihat S.
Marketing Manager at Medimix International

In today's world, email marketing in an effective and efficient. Everyone has their phones within arm’s length and email is synced on it. Businesses can now directly reach to their target market and products and services can be tailored to meet the specific customer needs via email marketing.


Katherine Rodriguez
Marketing Program Assistant, Florida International University

Email marketing has made an impactful comeback very recently. We are able to see the fruits of this labor in brand awareness, the reinforcement of brand image, event attendance and even sales. Email marketing today is not the email marketing of the past and we must embrace the opportunities it provides.


Justin Seedman Vice President Operations, Morro Capital

Traditionally email has been used as a method of sending transactional information such as confirmations, renewals, loyalty balances, invitations, and statements. However, when done correctly Email marketing can improve the relationship of a brand with its current, previous, and prospective customers. Email marketing can also encourage brand loyalty and repeat business.


Chris Hoffman
Marketing Coorindator, Wynwood Business Improvement

When utilized properly, email marketing can be an essential part of a marketer's toolkit. It's important to collect as much information as possible about each contact within your database. Doing so will lead to stronger, more in depth segments. I've found that detailed segments yield higher open and engagement rates.

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